Our restaurant is located in an amazing peaceful and quiet environment surrounded by ancient Baobabs and blessed by the only sunset view point in Diani Beach, the golden hour conditions start at 16.30 every day.


Eco-friendly Serving Authentic Local and Italian influenced Cuisine, Our specialties include, Fish or vegetables steamed in banana leaves with coriander and Fresh coconut milk.


Allow yourself to enhance your senses and free your mind, you deserve it.


We are proud to introduce you to our Lounge.
The magic colours of the indian ocean together with an amazing breeze create a perfect space for privacy and romantic dinner.
The Terrace Lounge is the best choice for Digital Nomads and Remote Workers who need comfort and a good coffee, our WiFi is free and unlimited.

Beach Dinner


As inviting by day when the sunsets through the Baobabs and shafts rays of sunlight, as the night when bonfire and candlelight romances the darkness the lounge is a convivial space in which to relax.

Favourite cocktails made special
•Estuary special -Tamarind juice ,vodka,lime ginger and fresh baobab ,lemon grass
•kivulini special -Local mojito +basil and lemon grass.
Our beautiful and unique beach allow us to organize private beach dinner or beach party on reservation.
Quality of service, security and entertainment are out signature.

EstuaryBeachLounge a place to be.



The kite school is an IKO center.

Our qualified instructors will bring from zero to hero

the new students and makes the advanced rider reach

your most potential and learn new tricks.


Due to the amazing conditions provided from the Kongo river we are proud to have the only waves surfing spot in Kenya.

The waves season start in May and ends in October.

The tidal conditions allow the presence of waves for 3 weeks a month during the whole season.

Sandy bottom and the absence of rip tide give the opportunity to beginners and advance to enjoy a clean swell which it goes from 3 to 7 foot in bigger days.

Now that you like water sport and proper waves surfing or you want to start this amazing sport we can satisfy your needs.

River Excursion + Dinner


Non resident  3500 Ksh
Resident  3500 Ksh

1 hour cruise into Kongo River, Enjoy the best Sundowner in Diani Beach through the Mangroves.

Starting time: 17.00hrs

Shimba Hills


Resident Ksh 8000


Non Resident Ksh 10000

Hiking to the Sheldrik Waterfall and Sunset Happy Hour from the Hill.

Starting time: 13.30hrs

(from Diani Beach, Minimum 4 people.)

Wasini Island


Resident Ksh 8000


Non Resident Ksh 12000

Cruise on a Classic Dhow in the marine Park, Snorkeling on the stunning Coral to admire the Ocean Life.

Starting time: 7.30 hrs from Diani Beach, reaching Shimoni at 9.00 hrs.

Lunch at 14.00 hrs.
Return to Diani Beach at 17.30 hrs.

Tsavo East & West


Resident 35000 Ksh


Non Resident Ksh 50000

Starting at 6.00 hrs from Diani Beach, reaching Tsavo East at 11.00 hrs.

Wildlife view up to 13.30 hrs, lunch and accommodation in a beautiful camp with water hole. Animal view from the restaurant.
Resting up to 16.00 hrs.

Sunset drive in the Savannah up to 19.00 hrs.

Dinner, sleeping Wake up 5.30 hrs for a Sunrise drive up to 11.00 hrs.
Back to Diani Beach at 16.00 hrs.



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